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Companies are faced with numoreous increasingly complex and constantly changing direct and inderect tax laws and regulations. Taxes are becoming an important business cost.

BTF&D is obliged to adhere to government regulations and believe in the principal function of the government. BTF&D also tries to best interpret tax laws to finding its clients with the best solutions while complying with tax regulations.

Unnecessary tax penalties and levies can be avoided if transactions are appropriately structured. At the same time, tax exposure can be significantly reduced and generate tax savings.


Taxation services include but not limited to:

  * Proper tax planning to minimize tax exposure while complying with the existing tax laws and regulations
* Reviewing tax records and administration to ensure the compliance of tax reporting requirements
* Providing assistance in tax objection an appeal
* Preparing monthly and annual tax returns




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* Statutory and Financial Audit
* Operational/Management Audit
* Internal Audit Outsourcing
* Due Diligence
* Compilation and Review of Financial Statements
* Tax Consulting and Planning
* Tax Review and Compliance
* Tax Return Preparation
* Tax Verifications
* Tax Objection and Appeal
* Accounting and Management Information System Design
* Organization Structure and Job Description Design
* Feasibility Study
* Company Share Valuation
* Initial Public Offering Assistance
* Executive Recruitment