Management Advisory

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The more successful businesses are, the more complicated their decisions become. BTF&D's top priority is to ensure that its clients have the most sophisticated information and technical expertise available.

BTF&D knows its clients' businesses and understands the businesses and legislative environment in which they operate. This means that clients benefit from its knowledge and expertise in a range of different industries.

BTF&D also has expertise in various business fields, from trading to services, thus giving clients a broader view on possible business opportunities and investment plans.


Management advisory services range from accounting and management information system and procedures design, feasibility studies to executive recruitment.

 Accounting and management information systems provide organizations with tools to best integrate system which monitor accounting, tax and other financial information. Information is vital for the survival of business organizations in the age of fierce competition today since it is required in making correct and timely decisions.

Feasibility studies are required prior to making decisions of executing projects. They consist of reviews and evaluations of possibilities and exploration of available alternatives of carrying out projects.




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* Statutory and Financial Audit
* Operational/Management Audit
* Internal Audit Outsourcing
* Due Diligence
* Compilation and Review of Financial Statements
* Tax Consulting and Planning
* Tax Review and Compliance
* Tax Return Preparation
* Tax Verifications
* Tax Objection and Appeal
* Accounting and Management Information System Design
* Organization Structure and Job Description Design
* Feasibility Study
* Company Share Valuation
* Initial Public Offering Assistance
* Executive Recruitment